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About Us

About Us

Muthu RajendranThe name "NIDWALDEN" is the brainchild of Muthu Rajendran (RAJ), a partner, who lived in Switzerland for 6 years and still loves Switzerland from his heart. As a gesture of good will and also to demonstrate his gratitude for the wonderful exposure and experience, he proposed this name of the canton where he lived.

Nidwalden Resort is a culmination of hard work by Muthu Jeyaprakash and his wife Loga who manage the place. Muthu Jeyaprakash is popularly known as JP by all, including guests and is a very friendly character who is willing to walk an extra mile to satisfy guests always with a smile on his face. He has his own organic vegetable cultivation adjacent to Nidwalden Resort. This ensure that there is a constant supply of fresh quality ingredients to the kitchen.

Loga is in-charge of the kitchen department assisted by two others. She is personally involved in all the cookery matters and attends to guests during meal time. There are no specific mealtimes at Nidwalden Resort as they understand that the guests come to relax and enjoy.

JP & Loga firmly believe that they need to offer ‘a homey feeling’ to their guests and therefore interact well with them to understand their needs. The ‘Visitor’s Book’ kept at the living area vouch their efforts as there are many notes in different languages by people who stayed at Nidwalden Resort and the best part is…… they keep on coming back !!